About MapGO

MapGO is a SaaS type web service for determining and optimizing travel routes.
Smart MapGO algorithms design the working day for your sales representatives, service technicians, couriers and drivers in the field for you.

The basic task of the application is advanced optimization of the route point order and assigning routes to available drivers, taking into account:



Drivers’ working hours

Time windows at points

Vehicles load capacity

Service time at each point



The ready routes are sent to the driver’s phone.


Savings of up to 35% on fuel and number of vehicles

MapGO offers you a set of routes for selected drivers so that their total cost is as low as possible for you. You decide whether MapGO uses all available employees at the same time or minimizes their number.

20% more orders

Thanks to optimal planning, you can serve more customers in less time. The perfect match to the time windows will increase the number of people satisfied with your company’s services.

Instant planning

From a mathematical point of view, trying to find the best route for just 1 vehicle and 10 points gives us 10!, that is 3628800 combinations. By randomly selecting the order of the points, we have the same probability to score as buying 4 Lotto bets and hitting the Jackpot.  MapGO can find the best solution to this problem in less than 5 seconds.

Precise route costs known in advance

How much will it cost you to handle all scheduled orders? You can find out right at the project stage. You will know the detailed costs of fuel consumption, road tolls, car rental or driver’s work.

Route sent to the driver's phone

Once you have the route set ready, you can send each one to the driver with a single click, which he then opens in the navigation app received as part of the MapGO license.

The world's best optimization engine

Emapa, by creating and developing MapGO, has broken more than 250 world records in the field of VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) optimization. The aim of the competition is to find a solution that allows you to visit all your customers at the lowest cost, i.e. to minimize the total distance travelled by all vehicles. More..


All you need do is import the addresses of your customers (delivery points) to the program and set the parameters of the vehicles and the working hours of the drivers. MapGO then immediately locates the addresses on the map and determines the most favourable set of routes for you to serve as many customers as possible.  You can postpone the points that are impossible to visit to the next day, or add them to a selected driver, deliberately exceeding his working time.
Optimization is based on an advanced routing algorithm that searches for all possible combinations of routes between the points, and selects those with the shortest total length.

Each of your customers may have a different time window, i.e. opening hours. MapGO creates routes that take these hours into account, so your drivers will always be on time at your customer’s site.

Each of your vehicles may have a different load capacity, and route points have different load requirements. The optimizer creates the route so that the vehicles are properly loaded and the right amount of goods reaches the designated place.

If any of the points (customers) you have selected for a given day are impossible to serve (they are too far from the base, have too narrow time windows, driver’s working time does not allow to serve them), they will be sent to the UNSERVED POINTS pool. You can manually add any of them to a selected route, knowing that the driver’s working time or the time window of any of the points will be exceeded. You can also save the unserved points in a separate file and schedule them all for the next day.

As soon as your driver logs into his MapGO mobile application, you can track his current position on the map and react immediately when an additional ad hoc order occurs nearby.

When planning routes for your employees MapGO determines the optimal distribution of tasks for each of them, taking into account their working hours and customers’ time windows. You can send ready routes to the phones of selected drivers with one click, and they then open them in their MapGO mobile application, and the GPS navigation app integrated with MapGO will guide them point by point to each customer. They will be informed on an ongoing basis about possible delays (time window breaches) on the route.

If you make changes to the route after sending the route to the driver, he will be informed about the available current route.

For each optimization project and each individual route, you can save a detailed report to an xlsx file. In addition to precise information about visits to each point (address, time of arrival, time of service, time of departure, etc.), the reports calculate the costs of each of the routes divided into fuel costs (according to the set combustion of the selected vehicle), toll costs (according to the type of vehicle), and possible employee hourly costs and kilometrage (if any).



An optimization project is a set of optimal routes for your drivers for 1 day. You choose the points to visit with their time windows and the vehicles based on the drivers available on that day, and MapGO will suggest the best (shortest) routes so that your drivers can visit as many points as possible within their working hours. More…

The fastest way to import the database of addresses to create a Project in MapGo is from a previously prepared xlsx file. It is best to keep the individual address data in separate columns, although MapGO can also handle cases where the whole address is in 1 column, the street with the building number is in 1 column, or the city with the postal code is in 1 column. Addresses are imported only from the first sheet of the file. More…

If the address data you entered has geographic coordinates (X,Y) and you import them into the Project or into the Objects, the imported records have the status of manually decoded (their location is exactly the same as the coordinates from your file). If the address data does not have coordinates or you do not import them, the geocoding process is performed by MapGO based on the imported addresses. The records then get the status of automatically decoded. More…

The mobile application is designed to be installed on phones or tablets having the Android system and is used to receive ready routes by the driver so they can navigate point by point in the order determined by the optimization engine on the MapGO platform. Thanks to MapGO Mobile, the employer also tracks the locations of their field employees.

The application can also be used as standard navigation.  You can download MapGO Mobile hereMore…

MapGO tries to designate routes for available drivers so that they can visit all planned points for a given day during their working hours. Sometimes this is not possible because the driver has not enough working hours to be able to return to his base without exceeding the working hours, there are too many points on the route for the drivers to visit them all, or the points on the route have too narrow time windows to visit them all in 1 day. More…

The MapGO optimization engine allows optimization of addresses, the number of which does not exceed 40/vehicle. Therefore, you can perform a project for 40 x n addresses, where n is the number of vehicles selected for the Project. As a rule, we assume that drivers do not exceed 40 stops per day. If your optimization needs are bigger, please let us knowMore…

The base is the address from which a particular vehicle starts. The assumption of optimization is the need to return to their base after visiting all planned points. Each vehicle therefore starts and returns to the same point, which may be the company’s headquarters or the driver’s place of residence. Individual drivers may have different base addresses. More…

MapGO users are all individuals (Administrators + Drivers) who use MapGO (both a platform and a mobile application) in your company. An administrator is a person who has full rights to all other accounts, i.e. he registers and activates both his account and the accounts of other Users. The Administrator plans routes for all Users, has access to all Projects and saved Objects and Routes. Other Users (Drivers) have access only to their Routes and the Objects and Projects they have saved. The Administrator can also act as a Driver and send routes optimized by him to his phone. More…

Price list

Monthly payment

Annual payment

optimization for 3 vehicles simultaneously car
delivery vehicle up to 3.5 tons
up to 40 stops /route
optimization of 1 route car
delivery vehicle up to 3.5 tons
up to 40 stops /route
optimization for many vehicles simultaneously car
delivery vehicle up to 3.5 tons
up to 70 stops /route
optimization for many vehicles simultaneously car
delivery vehicle up to 3.5 tons
any number of stops/route
  • time windows
  • vehicles load capacity
  • drivers’ working hours
  • route report in an Excel file
  • import of stops from an Excel file

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